The Information Station

Volunteer docents staff the Information Station at the Sea Lion Point parking lot from 9 AM to 5 PM nearly every day of the year, including all holidays.  It is a great place to start your visit.  The docent there can answer questions about the trails, tell you what to see and what animals have been seen that day, and orient you to the Reserve.  After you have been on the trails, the docent will gladly answer your questions about what you have seen.

Among the other services at this location are:

  • Displays of animal pelts (which can be touched) and the skulls of sea lions, harbor seals, and otters.  Don’t miss the informational displays on the back of the station.
  • Free informational handouts, including a copy of the current quarter’s Point Lobos Foundation Magazine.
  • Merchandise you can purchase, such as books, postcards, bookmarks, posters, and other mementos of your visit.  If you have come unprepared for our unusually chilly summer climate, they can even sell you a cozy sweatshirt.
  • Did you forget to bring your binoculars?  You can borrow ours in temporary exchange for your car keys.
  • The Information Station is also a starting point for many of the free guided walks offered each week.
  • The docent on duty can also pass on your report of injuries or problems you have seen on your walk to the appropriate authorities.
  • Many of our docents are knowledgeable about other attractions on the Monterey Peninsula and central coast area.
  • There is a wheelchair available for you to use at no charge – just ask.

Our docents are committed to trying to make your visit more enjoyable.  Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance.  That is why there are there.

  • The Information Station may not be open in inclement weather.
  • In rare instances, scheduling difficulties with our volunteers may also result in the station being closed during part of a day.