The Pelicans at Point Lobos

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In early October, 2013, thousands of Brown Pelicans and Black Cormorants descended upon the rocks and enclaves around Point Lobos State Reserve in the Big Sur area just south of Carmel, California. While Pelican and Cormorant migrations are not uncommon along California's Central Coast, the large number of birds that gathered during this time of the year was completely unexpected, inasmuch as autumn is not their normal mating season. The birds literally covered the rocks in and around the reserve. Docents at Point Lobos indicated that high seas over several days brought an abundant food supply to the area drawing in not only scores of birds but sea lions and otters as well.

Filmed in stunning high definition and set to the original music "Welcome Home," composed and performed by Chuck Jonkey, "The Pelicans of Point Lobos" captures the natural social behavior of Brown Pelicans close up as they interact and frolic together in this magnificent marine sanctuary.

Cinematography and post production by Thomas Parry
Original music "Welcome Home" composed and performed by Chuck Jonkey

"The Pelicans of Point Lobos is a joint production of Thomas Parry Photography and Sonic Safari Music. For more information you may visit and



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